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Production Lines
Increase in efficiency is the keyword by developing bakery production lines

Our engineers and developers are well known in the world of bakers, cake production lines and other bakery production lines. We at Bakon knows what kind of problems are need to be solved to increase the production performances in bakeries. That’s why we are developing and building production lines for bakeries all over the world in increasing numbers.

Depositing, spraying, enrobing and cutting are the core tasks in our production lines

When you are searching for a specialist that wil increase your production performance by developing and building a high-end production line that will be adapted to your wishes and requirements you will have to ask Bakon. At your service!

Modular build

Our bakery equipment is modular build, this makes it easy to add machine(s) to existing production line or build your own. This offers many possibilities for your choice of products and production process.

Easy to use

Ease of operation is inseparably linked with our machines and increases work satisfaction. Clear and well-placed control panels contribute to a smooth running production process. Machines are equipped with clearly marked and easy to operate buttons or full color touch screens to set and store various parameters and recipes (mostly in your own language).

Materials used

We only use high quality materials and components; all our machines are made of stainless steel and other non-corroding materials.

Recipe tool

With the BAKON RECIPE TOOL you can exchange recipes between your computer and your BAKON machine (e.g. Multi Depositor). This way you can easily backup or change recipes. Set up a recipe list to store multiple recipes and create recipes by entering the required parameters and save recipes by name.

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