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Bread & Rolls

RONDO special bread lines are very suitable for the manufacture of bread and rolls from a soft, highly hydrated dough. The best way to make these baked products, e.g. focaccia, ciabatta and baguettes, is from an endless dough band. The gentle dough band forming, the dough guidance without drops as well as the sophisticated accessories expose the dough to a minimum of stress, so that pores remain in the dough and no tension is created. If your ideas happen to be different, we also have the right solution in our portfolio.

  • Diversity, quality, hygiene.

  • Powerful, versatile, hygienic.

  • Highly hydrated, soft, gentle.

A feature of RONDO bread production lines is the gentle processing of soft doughs.

Loaves of bread and rolls can be sprinkled with grain or seed on one side or two sides.

Wrapping the bread dough increases the stability and volume of the rolls.

With the MIDOS dough band former, you achieve the desired dough structure.

Revolutionary rounding: With the state-of-the-art RONDObot you can produce a wide variety of round bread and bread rolls.

Long-moulded loaves of bread, such as baguettes or sandwich buns, are created on the Industrial Long Moulding System.

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