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Equipment Introduction
Cornucopia KN551
High spec, high quality Encrusting Machine with cutting-edge features.
  • 100pcs/min (max.) production speed!
  • Strong and hygienic stainless steel cylinders!
  • Further improved sanitary properties by keeping the dough from touching the drive section, and other improvements!
  • User-friendly large color touch screen!
  • Optional Two Step Belt Model is available!
CORNUCOPIA KN551 comes with various forming capacities.

The pictures are without safety cover for viewing

Weight, Length, and Encrusting Ratio are changeable as required.
Adapted "Easy to see and Easy to use" color touch panel
Strong and hygienic stainless steel cylinders!
Washable with running water
Additional options extends the range of products
Please use KN551 for making various products.
The products below are just few examples among many.
Specifications and Capacity
Width 1757mm
Depth 955mm
Height 1496mm
Weight 540kg
Electrical Capacity 3.2kW
Hopper Capacity 20ℓ
Product Weight Range 10 - 300g
Output 10 - 100pc / min.
Belt Speed 1.3 - 22m / min.
Product Length Range 0 - 500mm
(Intermittent Encrusting)
Extruding Capacity (total) 400kg / h
  • All electric parts are UL approved.
  • Designed for USDA facilities.
  • Designed to meet CE regulations.
  • Production speed and weight range varies depending on the material.
  • Please make sure by running your own materials.
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