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Automation from Hand Process to Machine Process

New process of making Breads, Buns, Rolls with or without jam, cream, vegetable filling- by continuous sheeting, twisting, filling and cutting by sheeter or gullentin

The basic Bakery Machines consist of a Mixer, Kneader, Baking Oven and Bread Slicer. Other processes are like manually on work table.

APPLE offers Process Automation for e.g.

  • Bun Divider Rounder
    To produce buns, dough is cut by hand and rounded.
    We offer Bun Divider Rounder to divide & round.
    Use of Bun Divider Rounder increases production multi fold, same weight of dough balls are produced, reduces manpower.
  • Dough Sheeter
    Dough is sheeted on the table manually by rolling pin which is very laborious work.
    We offer Dough Sheeter for sheeting dough.
    Use of Dough Sheeter can give consistent quality, increase production & Reduce manpower.
  • Dough Moulder
    For Bread making, dough is cut by hand & folded several times to remove excess gas & have fine net of bubbles in the dough. This is done by hand. We offer Dough Moulder.
    Use of the Moulder can do this work much faster & consistent output is achieved.
  • Dough Prover
    For proving of the yeast dough like Buns, Bread, Pizza base, trolley is covered by wet cloth.
    We offer Dough Provers of different capacity use of prover can give consistent proving result for all 12 months irrespective of the season and control of yeast requirement & gives much better quality of bread.
  • Many more Process Automation Machines are introduced
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